Feeling Energy and Controlling the Mind

“Whatever can be measured, can be managed.”
-Peter Drucker

If words like “feeling” and “energy” make you uncomfortable, you should probably stop reading now and continue to hide from the mysterious fringes of your reality.

In this post I will venture to clearly define the line someone crosses when they can begin to feel energy, here defined as the substantive force that flows all around us that is difficult to perceive or measure, yet can be controlled through the conscious application of will. Then, I will seek to explain that inherent in the ability to feel energy is the ability to measure and, therefore, manage the thoughts in your mind.

The ability to feel energy is inherent in all of us. Our nervous systems are perfectly capable of detecting the subtle vibrations of potentized light as they wash over us in great waves and flow through us in tiny streams. It is often very difficult to even begin explaining how to feel energy. That is why I will start at the end and work my way back to the beginning.

Someone who can feel energy will walk out of a small, stale apartment and into a fresh spring morning at sunrise and be able to recognize the differences between the stale energy and the refreshing spring energy. They will pick up their grandmother’s rosary and feel the pure devotional energy vibrations imbued in it from daily prayer. They will detect the dense, sludge-like energy that consumes their whole being when they wake up of from a night of heavy drinking and binge-eating.

Everyone has the ability to feel these things already. When you walk into a room where there is a large number of very angry people, your physical body will respond by tensing up while your subconscious will activate a fight or flight response. The only difference between someone who can feel energy and someone who can’t, is consciousness. Someone who has connected their conscious mind to their body’s natural energy detection systems, will be able to think to themselves, “I’m getting tense because of all the angry people in this room,” or “I can breathe easier because of the pure, fresh energy permeating the morning air.”

There are many practices that will help you become more conscious of energy. With time, these practices will give you the experience to detect subtler and subtler forms of energy, allowing you to distinguish between different forms of energy until you are confident, as you walk by someone on the street, that they are excitedly anticipating a new child or dreading going to work because they didn’t meet a deadline.

The ability to detect these kinds of thoughts and emotions in others is absolutely useless compared to, what I am inclined to consider, the true purpose and application of feeling energy: control of one’s thoughts. This stems from my belief that all effort and ability applied without is far more fruitfully applied within.

As your ability to detect energy is refined more and more and you can feel the very subtle differences between energies and their movements, you will discover that you have the ability to feel the energy in your own body and you will even begin to detect the very subtle movements of your brain as it responds to stimuli or creates that inner dialog we call thinking.

Many schools of thought confirm that thinking is nothing more than the disturbance of still consciousness through a potentizing process of mixing consciousness and energy. This process of imbuing pure, clear consciousness with a colored energy finds physical manifestation in our brains. Put simply, when you think, you are able to feel the energy of your thoughts in your brain. Which brings us back to the application of the opening quote to the title of this post:

The ability to feel energy allows you to measure the activity of your thoughts by feeling the energy in your brain. This subsequently allows you to manage the energy in your brain which, with rigorous practice and experience, will undoubtedly allow you to manage your thoughts and render the thought-energy inert, bathing your being in pure, still consciousness.


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